Maharashtra Package Incentive Scheme

1                Policy Period

Policy shall remain in operation from the 1st April 2019 up to 31st March, 2024.

2                MSME coverage:-

Sr. no.

Type of enterprise

Investment amount


Micro, Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises (MSME)

Up to Rs. 10 crores investment in Plant & Machinery


Small industries

Up to Rs. 50 crore investment in Fixed Capital Investment (FCI)









3.1         A basket of incentives, their aggregate amount not exceeding a specified ceiling will be offered to eligible MSME units as follow:

Taluka / Area Classification

Maximum Admissible Fixed Capital Investment (INR crore)

Ceiling as % of FCI

Eligibility Period (Years)


For the purpose of this policy, MSME shall include units as per the MSMED Act, 2006, as well as the units with FCI of upto INR 50 crore















Vidarbha, Marathwada, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg & Dhule



No Industry Districts, Naxalism Affected Areas* and Aspirational Districts**



** Aspirational Districts  are Osmanabad, Gadchiroli, Washim and Nandurbar


3.2         Additional benefits:

(a)     Power Tariff subsidy

The power tariff subsidy, for eligible new units located (other than A areas) in Vidarbha, Marathwada, North Maharashtra, and Districts of Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg in Konkan will be to the extent of INR 1/- per unit consumed and in other areas (except A areas), to the tune of INR 0.5/- per unit consumed for 3 years from the date of commencement of commercial production.

(b)     Stamp duty exemption

In addition to incentives listed above, eligible MSMEs will be entitled to 100 per cent stamp duty exemption within investment period for acquiring land (including assignment of lease rights and sale certificate) and for term loan purposes. However, in A and B areas Stamp Duty exemption will be offered only to IT and BT manufacturing units in IT and BT Parks. Eligible Units under PSI 2013 Scheme will also be eligible for stamp duty exemption for their Investment Period.

(c)     Electricity duty exemption

Eligible New MSMEs in C, D,D+, No industries Districts and Naxalism Affected Area will be entitled to exemption from payment of electricity duty for tenure equal to the eligibility period. However, in A and B areas Electricity Duty exemption will be offered to 100 per cent Export Oriented MSMEs and IT/BT units for seven years.

(d)    Additional benefit for Agro & Food Processing

Eligible MSME units in Agro & Food Processing (secondary and tertiary processing units and Farmer Producer Companies for manufacturing/processing activity only), Green energy/ bio-fuel and Industry shall be given additional support.

(e)     Marketing Assistance scheme

Marketing Assistance scheme shall be formed for MSMEs to support marketing activities. To improve the competitiveness of MSMEs in marketing, both at the national and international level, fiscal assistance shall be provided for SC/ST/women entrepreneurs and for participation in national and international fairs.

(f)      Other standalone incentives

For strengthening of MSMEs, standalone incentives (not linked with PSI) shall be admissible to the MSMEs so as to promote quality competitiveness, Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED scheme), Research & Development, technology up-gradation, water & energy conservation, cleaner production measures and credit rating.

4                Reimbursement mechanism of Fiscal subsidy

(a)     Interest

In areas other than A area, Interest subsidy @ 5 per cent p.a., maximum upto the value of electricity consumed and bills paid for that year, will be admissible.

(b)   SGST

Eligible units shall be offered Investment Promotion Subsidy (IPS) on Gross SGST paid by the unit on the first sale of eligible products billed and delivered to the same entity within Maharashtra.

5                Illustration explaining SGST and interest refund mechanism

If any company wants to make investment in Wada which is D+ zone in such case, in following manner refund can be claimed.

Under the scheme, for unit in D+ zone, the State Government will refund 60% of total capital investment in the entity, over a period of 10 years. The refund will be given by way of SGST and Interest subsidy.

Thus, if Rs. 10 crore is capital investment in a D+ zone, the financial incentives available are as follow:

Capital investment

10 crore

Refund eligible

6 crore in 10 years

eligible refund per year

60 lakhs

Hence, unit will be eligible to get refund of Rs. 60 lakhs in each year.

In above case, if unit has made sale of 6.4 crore. In such case, SGST paid @9% will be Rs. 57.60 lakhs on sale. In such case, total SGST eligible for refund will be Rs. 57.60 lakhs

Further, unit has taken bank loan and on such bank load paid interest @12% of Rs. 24 lakhs. So from such interest only 5% interest is allowed to take refund. Hence, up to Rs. 10 lakhs can be taken as refund. In such scenario following amount can be claimed as interest subsidy:

2) Interest subsidy

Interest paid

10 lakhs

Electricity bill

7 lakhs

Claimable refund

7 lakhs

Based on above working, total maximum refund can be claimed as follow:

SGST refund

Rs. 57.60 lakhs

Interest refund

Rs. 7 lakhs

Maximum Total refund eligible

Rs. 60 lakhs

Hence, total refund can be claimed of Rs. 60 lakhs. In addition to such refund, unit can also claim subsidy of electricity duty, stamp duty waiver etc.
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