Tax Advisory
Direct Tax Advisory:
Our Tax professionals provide specialized direct tax advisory services to a varied clientele- comprising individuals, small businesses and corporates. The gamut of tax compliance issues we cover include- income tax & wealth tax. Corporate clientele
Our services at a glance
  • Tax Planning
  • Opinions
  • Tax due diligence
  • Employee salary structuring
  • Advising on the applicability of withholding tax on various foreign remittances as per Indian Income tax Act / DTAA
Individual clientele
Our services at a glance
  • Personal Tax Consulting
  • Personal Tax Compliances - Compiling and filing of Tax returns
  • Review and assistance in advance tax computations
  • Support in getting various tax registrations including Permanent Account Number (PAN), view you tax credit online etc.
  • Advise on tax issues like capital gains/ loans/ tax Investments etc.
Indirect Tax Advisory:
Service Tax
Our services include advice on applicability of Service Tax and on the procedural compliances including Registration and filing of requisite forms with the Department. Also, we undertake review of agreements to check the applicability and incidence of tax.
We help you in the following areas:
  • Advisory services on the applicability and impact of service tax on business operations, including availability of credits.
  • Structuring of business transactions to maximize tax efficiency.
  • Assessment.
  • Compliance services.
VAT / Sales Tax / DVAT / MVAT:
VAT / Sales Tax are state level taxes levied on sale of goods (including computer software), work contract and hiring of goods. Since the introduction of VAT (Value Added Tax), compliance requirement have increased manifold and require expert services for maintenance of records and calculation of tax liability. We provide the following services for compliance with VAT / Sales Tax:
  • VAT Planning and Advisory Services
  • Registration with VAT / Sales Tax Authorities
  • Filing of Periodical Returns and calculation of tax liability
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