Transfer pricing
Our holistic services include assistance with
Transfer Pricing planning and Documentation
Any taxpayer entering into a business transaction with an overseas associate, the aggregate value of which exceeds INR 10 million annually and business transaction with domestic parties, the aggregate value of which exceeds INR 200 million annually, is required to maintain transfer pricing documentation on a real-time basis to support claims that the transfer price has been determined on an arm’s length basis.
Our transfer pricing consultant help clients put together the exhaustive documentation required, together with the mandatory industry analysis, to support the validity of the transfer pricing policy implemented. In formulating and implementing the optimal transfer pricing strategy our consultants also consider withholding tax, international tax, exchange control aspects and tax relief exemptions.

Review of existing policy
Our consultants also analyse existing transfer pricing policies for potential risks from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Following the existing policy review, we develop solutions to mitigate any potential risk to the client.
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